Bendpak Two Post Vehicle Lifts – Safety Issues Relating To Locking Mechanisms

An unknown number of Bendpak two-post vehicle lifts have been supplied with arm restraint gears which allow complete disengagement from the arm locking mechanism, located on the carriage of the vehicle lift. Investigations were carried out after an injury involving a motor mechanic; it was found that the arm locking mechanism of the Benpak two-post

Safe Use Of Vehicle lifts

INTRODUCTION Vehicle lifts and lifting equipment can cause severe accidents and injuries if they are used unsafely or if they are inadequately maintained. Working beneath a vehicle is often required to check for faults, servicing and repairs, but because these tasks are so common people get used to working under potentially lethal weights. You should

Fini Micro 5.5-10-270-ES

FINI Compressors

We are now proud to supply the FINI screw compressor. All FINI compressors are MADE IN ITALY and are designed for heavy duty use and distinguished by the offer of unique and advanced technologies that provide energy saving solutions that work! Since 1952 FINI have been at the heart of compressor manufacturing. Today FINI is