EE-6215EKZ Asymmetric 5 tonne 2 Post Clear Floor Lift

Brand: EAE

Part No: EE-6215EKZ

Type: 2 Post Lift

Sub-Type: 5 Tonne

EE-6215EKZ Asymmetric 5 tonne 2 Post Clear Floor Lift

5000kg lifting capacity

1970mm lifting height

With vehicle roof protection. The power system switches off when the vehicle roof touches the rubber protected overhead bar.

Asymmetric – meaning the posts are installed at 30 degree angle which leaves more space for opening the door.

Standard aluminium motor avoids overheated and ensures long service life.

Electrical release, just press Up and Down button to operate the lift.

Adjustable, screw up lift pads with clearance height less than 100mm.

Triple stage arms means the lift can accommodate a wide range of vehicles from SMART car to Sprinter (light van).

The arm locks engage and disengage automatically.

Standard door protection pads to prevent possible damage to the door opened without caution

Durable powder coating.

CE approved

Available in single phase and three phase.

Please call for price and availability.