NEX U Fluid Management System

We are proud to introduce the new fluid management system NEX U.

Loss of inventory means loss of profit, with todays high oil prices, inventory control eliminates this concern.

NEX.U. provides you with the control and information you require to make your operation more profitable. You will be able to account for every drop of lubricant and other fluid used.

On top of this, the NEX.U. system enables you carry out efficient, accurate, real time inventory control, with automatic alerts and fluid re-ordering when needed, eliminating operations down time.

It also provides secure fluid access to authorized technicians, to stop unauthorised usage.

For almost any lubrication usage or size of operation, with todays high oil prices NEX U quickly pays for itself. Once it is paid for, savings go right to the operations bottom line in the form of profit, profit previously lost.

NEX.U. is a hybrid system that brings you all the advantages of wireless flexibility and hard wired reliability.

Wireless Flexibility

Data can be transmitted wirelessly among the different system components, eliminating long and expensive cable runs.

Easily adds new components when required as your needs grow.

System uses existing WIFI networks, simplifying is installation. No need for special, custom made, network components.

Hard Wired Reliability

A constant and reliable power source is always present to power the solenoid valves that control fluid delivery.

No uncharged batteries to let you down.

Hard-wired data transmission to avoid interferences and obstacles which might interfere with wireless data transmission.


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