Bendpak Two Post Vehicle Lifts – Safety Issues Relating To Locking Mechanisms

An unknown number of Bendpak two-post vehicle lifts have been supplied with arm restraint gears which allow complete disengagement from the arm locking mechanism, located on the carriage of the vehicle lift. Investigations were carried out after an injury involving a motor mechanic; it was found that the arm locking mechanism of the Benpak two-post lift did not prevent a vehicle from falling which caused injury to the mechanic. This safety alert is aimed at users of Bendpak two-post vehicle lifts to prevent the situation being repeated, and causing further serious injury or death. Anyone using the Bendpak two-post lift should act now. Users should check the arm restraint gear on their lift and, if affected, take immediate action. 

(Also, in some of the lifts, the arm restraint gears are manufactured from a material that is insufficient to withstand the forces which satisfies the testing required by the harmonised standards relating to vehicle lifts. The current standard is BS EN 1493:2010.)

The manufacturer has now redesigned the arm restraint gear. The new design is a machined part using a grade of steel which was found to be suitable when tested by the manufacturer. The gears now have circular rather than oval holes and a wider cross section which prevents disengagement. Lifts which have not been supplied with this re-designed part still present a serious risk.

Action Required


Users should check whether their arm restraint gear appears substandard. Lifts not supplied with the re-designed part will have arm restraint gears with:

  • oval holes
  • a narrow cross section
  • an internal diameter much larger than the pin that the arm swings on.
  • the appearance of being sintered or cast, rather than machined


If the lift does not have the newly designed arm restraint gear take immediate action to replace it. The gears should be steel, machined with circular holes. They should sit properly against the pin that the arm swings on without visible clearance.

Thorough Examination By a Competent Person

Users should make sure that the lift is thoroughly examined and tested after replacing the gear. This is required in law under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.


Anyone using two post vehicle lifts should inspect and maintain them in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This also means having regular services when required, to ensure everything on the lift is in good safe working condition.

Please see the full investigation on the HSE website link below.