Fini Micro 5.5-10-270-ES

FINI Compressors

We are now proud to supply the FINI screw compressor. All FINI compressors are MADE IN ITALY and are designed for heavy duty use and distinguished by the offer of unique and advanced technologies that provide energy saving solutions that work!

Since 1952 FINI have been at the heart of compressor manufacturing. Today FINI is among a select group of companies that manufacture all major components in house, ensuring maximum quality and design that is based on experience and tradition, whilst incorporating new technology

The entire production process from project design and research through to packaging is carried out in the FINI facilities in Italy.

For busy workshops and fast fit centres a popular compressor is the FINI Micro.

Why choose FINI Micro for your workshop?

  • To control and reduce operating costs.
  • To provide a modern, compact, robust, reliable and quiet rotary screw compressor for your workshop.
  • To supply compressed air in continuous operating mode.
  • To increase efficiency in all areas of the compressors operation.
  • To save energy.

The Micro Series is 100% factory tested and ready for immediate installation and use, saving time and installation costs. They are very quiet due to the use of efficient sound proofing materials. This means they are suitable for installation in any working environment.