New Dama Vehicle Lift Range

We are pleased to announce that we now supply a wide range of Dama vehicle lifts; we can supply two post lifts, four post lifts, scissor lifts, mobile scissor lifts, parking lifts and single post mobile lifts. Dama is a popular, well-known brand used in many workshops; we can supply these lifts at a great price with delivery and installation included. There are a series of European manufactured lifts supplied with this range as well, such as the Dama HDM4.0TS Two Post lift and the Dama HDM36PRO Scissor lift; they are of high quality and at a great price.

Our two post lift range offers many excellent features such as a variety of different lifting capacities ranging from 3.5tonne to 6tonne lifts. We can offer baseless two post lifts also, making it ideal for when equipment needs to be manoeuvred beneath the lift, baseless designs are very popular for service lifts due to them having easy access around and underneath the vehicle. We can offer an entry level two post lift, the HDM3.5T ECO, this is great for when you are just starting out in a workshop, this lift offers everything required for most service bays with all the basics you need included, as well as being able to offer additional features such as lift pad extensions at an affordable price.

The four post lifts we have to offer are equipped to carry out wheel alignment, to simply use these you must connect your wheel alignment system to the lift, depending on which lift you choose, we will supply the turn plates, or if not we do supply caps to fill the recesses. You can use your own turn plates for these lifts also. These lifts are great for servicing and general inspections.

The scissor lifts range we have to offer has a variety of choices available, from motorcycle and quad lifts, with front wheel carriers and removable sides for access to bikes, at such a great value. We can also offer mobile scissor lifts which are easily manoeuvred into positions to offer flexibility in your workshop’s efficiency. We can supply scissor lifts designed to be recessed flush to the ground, ideal for the lower vehicles and we can also offer a European manufactured scissor lift, all at an affordable cost. We can offer scissor lifts that are ideal for tyre bays, body shops and mechanical inspections, these can also be single phase meaning they have the flexibility of being to be used anywhere in your workshop.

Our two post parking lifts are great for maximising storage space in your workshop, you can simply store a vehicle on the lift whilst one is parked underneath, creating more clearance. Our versatile single post mobile lifts are easily manoeuvred around a workshop, making it flexible to suit your needs. We can also supply a single wheel side mobile lift, these are suitable for small smart repairs and quick inspections, they are simple and swift to use.